5 Reasons to Ditch Your Hiking Boots for Hiking shoes

“Come to the dark side.” Darth Vader tried to woo Luke to the dark side with him. While the decision to switch from hiking boots to hiking shoes is not as sinister, it may be life altering. If you want to make sure that your hiking is the best hiking shoe around, and that you continue to enjoy the sport of hiking, listen to these reasons why you should consider switching and ditching your clunky boots:

1. Are you a day-hiker? You should switch to shoes– Day-hikers are hikers that don’t go more than a 5 hours when they hike. They need something lighter and more comfortable than boots and sturdier than your sneakers. Hiking shoes usually weigh less than two pounds. Every pound that you wear on your feet is actually triple the weight when you hike. Even if you hike within that 5 hour time frame you want to lessen the amount of weight. This will ensure you have a pleasant hike and that you don’t give up hiking. If it isn’t pleasant and enjoyable, you won’t do it. Day-hikers don’t need clunky boots to weight down their trek.

2. Are you a newbie? You should start with hiking shoes- New hikers should start off their new hobby with the best hiking shoes for women. In general, boots are not the best for new hikers. Hiking shoes have the things that will make for a good walk. These include a high-friction rubber sole that will grip your surface, a thick midsole that will support your feet better than running shoes, and some sort of hard rubber around the toe to protect your digits from a jutting rock or stick along your path. Newbies should also remember to pack very light. There is a big difference between hiking with extra pounds than without.

3. Are you tight on money? You should start with hiking shoes-By its nature, hiking shoes are cheaper than hiking boots are. There is less material required to make a shoe vs. boots and less time to make a shoe over a boot. If you do your research, you may find that the best hiking shoes are not as economical as the cheapest hiking boots. That is okay. If you are going to use your boots as a thru hiker, go ahead and get an inexpensive pair because you won’t be using it regularly.

4. Are hiking on a trail? You should get a pair of hiking shoes-Trails are even and smooth with limited rocks, crevices, or things to trip up hikers. It is for this reason that hiking shoes are good for trail hiking. Boots are not needed on a trail, and are even a deterrent to the hike.

hiking boots

The best hiking boots will do well on a smooth hiking trail.

Are you unsure about what to wear on your feet try both, but you will likely end up with a pair of hiking shoes-People with weak knees or wobbly ankles may choose a pair of the best hiking boots over a pair of shoe for stability and to ensure that the don’t hurt themselves. Of course, this decision is personal and depends upon your situation, but more often than not, you will choose a pair of hiking shoes over a pair of hiking shoes.visit the original source for more details.

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